Mercy Road Daily Prayer (Friday March 17, 2011)

Lord God,

I know that you are holy (Lev. 11:44), I recognize that you are just (2 Th. 1:6). I believe that you are righteous (Ps. 11:7) and accept that your ways are far beyond my understanding. (Jb. 36:29) I acknowledge that I am sinful and selfish from birth (Ps. 51:5) and that my heart is deceitful above all things. (Jer.17:9) I know that I would be hopeless and beyond cure (Jer.17:9) if it were not for Jesus Christ, who endured all my shame and sorrow when he was crucified for my sins, and crushed under their weight. Though I have wandered away from you, by his wounds I am healed, because he accepted the judgment that I rightly deserved. (Is. 53:4-6) Thank you, Lord Jesus for this wonderful truth. Make it penetrate my heart and apply it to my life, that I may live out of your grace and mercy today. In Jesus name I pray,