Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lord God,

My peace must come from you. My confidence must stem from whom I am as your child, and nothing more. I cannot rely on my own wisdom, talents, skills, or charisma, because they are weak compared to your power. I cannot trust in beauty, fame, power, and wealth for my happiness, because they are fleeting. My peace, my confidence, must come from you and you alone.

Though I often complain that you don’t do enough in my life, if I look back and do not harden my heart (Hebrews 3:7), I can see the many things you have done in, through and for me. I can see how you have sustained my faith through trials and hardships. I can see how you have provided all that I have needed to survive. I can see how you have filled my life with people who love me. I can see your plans for my life and I am in awe. There is no one like you, gracious God. You are too good to me.

Now I understand that your primary concern is not my sacrifice but my love for you. It has little to do with what I give you, and much to do with my attitude. Do I give you my best? Do I give with joy? Do I give because I love you and am thankful for all that you have done in my life?

Help me to find joy in doing your will, my God. Help me to follow the instructions you have written on my heart. Help me to speak your truth in love. Help me to demonstrate your grace with courage. Help me to tell other about the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Help me to tell others about you.

Continue to show me your mercy. Continue to grant me your grace. Continue to be my light and my guide, that I might walk in your ways.

I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen

~ based on Psalm 40:5-11