Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, April 6, 2011

God of comfort and God of peace,

Your word is an encouragement to me when things are good and when things are bad. Whether life is easy or difficult, your word tells me that despite my continuing failures and flaws, victory has been achieved. Though I still struggle and fall, my sin no longer controls my life the way it use to because it’s grip on me has been loosened. It’s claim on me has been revoked. My failures have been pardoned and my selfishness has been forgiven. You have blessed me and made it possible for me to come to you.

You have cleared the road for me to approach you. Though my life will still contain “many dangers, toils and snares,” they are not as severe as they could be, nor will they defeat me on my journey to you. Because you have leveled the path and revealed my way through the light of your word. You have made the hills low and the valleys high. You have made the rough places smoother and the tough places easier. You have revealed yourself so that all can see your glory in creation.

Yet, every day I am reminded of how fragile life can be and how easily everything I have can be lost. Like grass that is yellow and lifeless because its roots are destroyed by pests, and its green leaves trampled under foot. I am like that grass.

I feel like my roots are weak and giving way making it a constant battle to stay firmly anchored to the ground. I feel like my leaves are cracked and dry making it impossible to absorb the nutrients I need to survive. I fear that a strong storm will simply blow me away, till I am long gone out of sight and memory. Lord, I feel very fragile.

But still your word is an encouragement to me because it never changes. It is not fickle like fame, nor passing like beauty. Your word cannot be exhausted like wealth, nor lost like power. Your word is an encouragement to me, Lord God, because it stands forever

Though life is fragile, I will not be afraid. Instead, I will boldly share the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and introduce him to everyone I meet.

In his holy name I pray, Amen.
~ based on Isaiah 40:1-8