Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, May 27, 2011

I thank you Lord God, because you are good to me. I celebrate your glory, because your amazing works demonstrate your mighty power, and your love never fails. Though sometimes I feel it more than others, Lord God, I know that it’s true because I can see it in the way you created the earth and filled with glorious beauty. I can see it in the many things you provide for me, that simply make my life possible. I see it in the joy others bring to my life, when I realize how much they care for me. And I see it in the words that you left for me, when I read about how you died for me. I know that you love me Lord, because you are more than fair to me. You bless me when I do your will.

Gracious God, continue to show me your kindness today. Do not forget me Lord, but rescue me from my own doubt and fear. Open my eyes so I can see how you have blessed me over time and continue to do so in my life today. Forgive me when I take for granted all that you have done for me, and soften my heart so I can rejoice in the abundance of your grace in my life.

Forgive me, Lord, for I know I have sinned against you, and I know I have done wrong. I know I have been greedy, self-righteous, and arrogant. I know I have been self-centered and ungrateful. I know I have treated others with contempt as if they existed to serve me, and meet my needs. I know I have rejected your love and care in the past, and disregarded the care you offered. I know I have discounted the many great things you have done in, through and for me, because they were not exactly what I wanted or when I wanted them. I know I have turned my back on you, so I pray you have not done the same to me.

Save me Lord, as you promised. Save me, just as you have done in the past for your people, even when they rebelled against you. Demonstrate your mighty power over my life and keep me from drowning in the things that threaten to overwhelm me. Rescue me from the unseen enemies in my life, like my self-doubt and fear, my pride and self-righteousness. Keep my heart from believing the lies Satan whispers in my ear, saying, “Did God really say that he loves you? Surely if he loved you he wouldn’t make life so hard.” Help me to recognize Lord that you do not make life hard for me, but I make it hard for myself, by running from you and refusing to see your glory displayed in a beautiful sunrise, your might reflected in a powerful storm, your care demonstrated in a daily provision, and your loved revealed in the care of a friend.

Help me not to forget about you Lord. Help me daily to see how you fulfill your promises in my life. Help me not to grumble. Help me not to complain. Help me to rejoice in the glorious provision, the everlasting love and the sweet forgiveness that is mine by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

I pray all these things in his holy name,
~Psalm 106