Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, May 6, 2011

Lord God,

You are my refuge, my provider and strength. You protect me from harm and keep me safe through out my day, so that I can enjoy the many blessings you have given me. Every good thing I have comes from you.

The faithfulness of your people and the fellowship I have with them. The provision of your word and truth that it reveals for my life. The promise of your grace and the comfort it provides in times of trouble and doubt. Lord, all of these good things are mine because of you. Night and day you bless me, teach me and give me faith. You give me reason for peace and joy. You show me the way of life in Christ, and through him you promise me victory over death. Your presence in my life keeps me from despair and makes me glad (Psalm 16).

Lord, you know what is in my heart and mind. You know my desire to follow your will for my life and obey your commands. You know how I try to love others, to be gracious and merciful just as you have been to me. You know that I try to say things that are truthful, encouraging, and helpful to others. You know that I try to do what is right according to what you have said.

God, may your justice and truth will prevail. May your faithfulness be shown to all that you love. May your power rescue those who are troubled by their own sins or the sins of others. May your presence provide comfort for all who seek you.

Show me your unfailing love. Shield me, just as you would your own eyes. Hide me in the shadow of your wings. Protect me from all that is evil and wicked. For I know it is out there, waiting to tempt me and draw me away from you. I know it is out there waiting to consume my heart with greed, envy, lust and hatred. I know it is out there, disguised as something I believe I need, something I feel I deserve, and something I think I desire. Its out their waiting to trick me and cause my heart to stumble.

Rescue me, Lord God, and do not let them prevail over me. Demonstrate your power, and destroy all that draws me away from you. Continue to provide for me satisfy my soul with your abundant blessings. Keep me focused on you, because my heart longs to see you face-to-face (Psalm 17)

By your grace and for your glory I pray in Jesus’ name,