Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gracious God,

You made me with your own hands. You created me and put me together. You keep me safe and give me understanding so I can learn your will and your ways. For laws are right and your ways are true. Your decisions are always just and fair, even when your wrath is involved.

Lord, Comfort me with your everlasting love and fill me with the assurance of your grace just as you promised. For I trust your word and live to serve you. Though I am worn out, weary, and wasting away from the various trials and troubles I face, I try to follow your commands and proclaim your love to others. I cannot forget what you have called me to do because you have given me new life, and I belong to you.

Pour out your abundant mercy on me Lord, so that I might be faithful to you. Protect me from those who would hurt me and have me believe that you do not care. Do not leave me to suffer more pain from their vicious lies and insults, but keep me safe that I might continue to obey your law of love (Psalm 119:73-96).

Help me Lord, to let your love rule my life. Help me to show it to others through all that I think, say and do. Keep my heart from hatred and prejudice, my mind from lust and envy, and my mouth from gossip and slander. May your love for me be the driving force of my love for you as well as my love for others, and may it spur me on to reach out to them for your glory.

May your love inspire me to do my part to support my community and my schools. May it motivate me tell others on my street, in my neighborhood, in my community and school, about your grace and truth. May your love give me respect for others, especially for those you have placed in authority over my community, state and country. Help me Lord to follow they laws they establish and to do my part to maintain peace and order in the world. Help me to set aside my own selfish desires for your glory, and to always do what is right by your grace (Romans 13).

At the same time Lord, give our rulers and leaders your good judgment and wisdom today. Help them to make fair and just decisions even in the face of opposition. Help them to be humble in all that they think, honest in all that they say, and compassionate in everything they do, so their decisions might bring peace and prosperity to all who live under their rule. Give them a heart for those who are poor and needy, and protect their lives as they govern the cities, states and countries in which we live (Psalm 72). Turn their hearts to you that you might be glorified through them.

By your grace and for your glory I pray through Jesus, my faithful mediator,