Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, June 17, 2011

God of my salvation,

You keep me safe, when I pray at night, so please listen when I tell you about my concerns. Please hear me when I explain my worries, for I am deeply troubled, Lord. At times I feel like I am close to death because I am so far away from you. Certainly, I am no better off than those you have forgotten and no longer help. I am helpless, weak ad incapable of saving myself from all that threatens to overwhelm me.

I cannot escape the anxiety and fear that I feel deep inside. The worries I have for my children, the concerns I have about job security and the fears I have about my own inadequacies. It’s all too much for me Lord. I am almost paralyzed by the dread, so I reach out to you desperation with my prayers.

Work a miracle in me, Lord God. Rescue me so that I may praise you. Show me your love and loyalty. Demonstrate your amazing power to save me from the darkness where all is forgotten. Do not reject me because of my sin, or turn away from me because of my sickness, but heal me from all that afflicts me because I am broken and helpless without you.

I want to live under your protection of the God Most High, and stay in you shadow, for there I will find rest from the stress I am under. Then I will know that you alone are my refuge, and my safe hiding place. Then I will know that I can trust you.

For you can rescue me from every snare, and protect me from every deadly disease. Hide me in the shadow of your wings Lord God. Give me shelter in your faithfulness. There I will not be afraid of anything, because you will protect me. I will not worry, because you will provide. I will not dread the calamities and disasters that have not happened because in your presence I find refuge. In your promise I find peace to rescue those who love you and protect those who trust in your name. I find comfort in your pledge to answer my calls in my times of trouble, and give me salvation.

It is good to give thanks to you Lord, to proclaim your unfailing love in the morning, your faithfulness in the evening, and sing praises of your glory without ceasing.

Jesus’ name, Amen
~Psalm 88, 91, 92