Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, June 24, 2011

Lord God,

Please listen when I pray. Please don’t turn away from me in my time of distress. Hear my prayers, and answer me quickly when I call to you, for I am troubled and I desperately need your help.

Honestly Lord, I feel like I am wasting away, like smoke that disappears in the wind. I should still be strong, but I feel old and weak. My heart aches, though I can’t always say why, and my mind race with worst case scenarios. I worry about my kids getting hurt, losing my job, paying my bills and so forth. I worry about being alone. Why Lord, do I feel all alone? Why do fear so much and trust so little?

Sometimes I lie awake at night, anxiously thinking about all the terrible things that could happen and I wonder if my troubles are punishment from you for my lack of faith, sin and selfishness. At other times I fear they are all in my mind, and it scares me.

Whatever the case, please don’t be angry with me Lord, because I cannot endure your disapproval nor can I live without your grace. I need you in my life, yet I feel as though you have tossed me aside, like my life is hidden from your view in the dark shadows of nighttime. At other times I feel like I am withering away like grass that is scorched by the sun. It’s just too much for me to take, gracious Lord. Please help.

For you Lord, are King forever. You are Sovereign over all the earth and history attests to your power, your prominence, your mercy, compassion and everlasting love. One day, all nations will honor you and all rulers will recognize your authority. When you come again to rebuild the heavens and the earth, everyone will see your glory, and worship. Then you will respond to those who called out to you in their struggles. You will answer their prayers for comfort and heal all their brokenness. Children will worship you for all that you have done because they will see how you looked upon your people with mercy, and rescued everyone who was doomed to die in their sin.

In the beginning, LORD, you laid the earth's foundation and created the heavens above, but all will disappear and wear out like clothes, except you. You, Lord God, will last forever, always the same from beginning to end so that every generation can serve you and worship your glorious name.

By your grace and for your glory I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen
~Read Psalm 102