Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, June 3, 2011

Lord God,

You have been merciful and kind to me. You have blessed me and restored my damaged soul. You have forgiven my guilt and taken away all my sin. You withheld your just anger and absorbed the punishment my sin deserved. Lord, you are my Savior.

Renew my heart, loving God, and continue to show me your patience and grace. Revive me and give me joy once again. Show me your unfailing love, and save me, because I am hopeless and lost without you. For, you promise me peace, but I do not feel it. Your assure me of forgiveness, yet I fear I have lost it. Though I seek to follow you and live a worthy life, I know I fall short day and night and I worry that you may reject me.

Yet I still hope to possess your love and truth. I pray that your goodness and peace will be mine. I know that your goodness shines down on the world so I will follow in your way (Psalm 85).

Please listen, Lord, and answer my prayer! Hear me, and respond to my call for help. I am helpless and weak. I am poor and needy. Protect me and save me because I am your faithful servant, and you are my God whom I trust you. Do not let me be dragged down by my failures and sin. Do not let me be crushed by the guilt and shame they leave behind.

I know you are good and forgiving. I know that you are full of love and truth. I know that you care for me when I am troubled and I pray that you will care for me once more. Show me your favor and give me your joy as I worship and pray all day long. Lord, teach me how you want me to live. Help me to follow your truth. Give me a heart that only wants to follow you so that I can praise you forever and glorify you.

Thank you for your mercy and patience. Thank you for your goodness and grace. Thank you for rescuing me from my sin and saving me from myself. Thank you for showing me your love in Jesus Christ (Psalm 86)

In his name I pray, Amen