Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, June 6, 2011

Gracious God,

The heavens praise you for your miracles but I worship you because of your great love for me. I worship you because of you have given me a promise to believe, a place to prosper, a purpose to pursue, and a precept to obey. I will always be grateful for everything you have provided for my life, even when I selfishly long for more.

Nothing compares to you, Lord God, nothing above or below. You are faithful and your love for me will never waver or end. Your greatness is beyond compare. No one is like you in your holiness, power or faithfulness, not even the angels who surround you on your thrown.

You rule over the earth, calming the storms of life that threaten to overwhelm me. Over every nation, you display your glory and might, subduing the enemies of your truth and justice, so peace might reign in your creation. For the heavens and earth belong to you. You made them and they are yours. You created the north, south, east and west. You created it all to display the strength of your arm, the power of your hand, and the glory of your kingdom.

For your kingdom is built on what is right and fair. Your truth and faithful love lead the way to you and I am blessed, because I learned about it at young age. Though I’ve struggled with periods of doubt and fear throughout my life, I rejoice because I learned to live in your light as a child and I have not strayed from it. Help me to continue doing so today.

Help me to find contentment and peace. Help me to be fulfilled in you no matter where I am or what I am doing. Help me to do all things for your glory and praise. Give me strength and show me your favor, for the sake of your Son, Jesus, who died for me so could belong to you.

In his gracious and holy name I pray,