Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mighty and powerful God,

I long to experience the joy of worshipping you in your courts. I wish I could stand in your presence and see the glory of the place where you live. Like all creation, I long to be near you and experience the joy of living in your house. For all joy and strength come from you. All pleasure and endurance begin in your presence.

Even as I weep in this lifetime, I know that my sadness cannot compare to the blessing and joy I will experience there. Even as I contemplate my own mortality and mourn the deaths of friends and love once, I know that my grief will last but a little a short while when compared to the ever growing delight that radiates from your throne. It makes me grow stronger and gives me confidence to live without fear.

Hear my request today, Lord God and listen to my prayers. Look on me with favor and be my shield. Remind me every day that it is better to spend one day in your courts than a thousand days anywhere else. For you are my sun and my shield. You withhold no good thing from me, but always do what is right. You give me grace and glory, because I trust in you.

You poured out your blessings on me like rain falling during a spring storm. Though my since and selfishness condemned me, you withheld your anger and covered my guilt. You forgave my sins and restored my salvation through Jesus Christ.

Gracious God, though I have no right to ask you for more, restore me once more. Do not be angry with me for my continued failures, but show me your unfailing love, and grant me your salvation once again. Give me peace and salvation because of Christ’s faithfulness, for in him, unfailing love, and everlasting truth have met. In him peace and righteousness have come together. Through him all blessing are pour out upon your people.

Do not be silent. Do not ignore me plea. Do not ignore my longing to see your face and experience the glory of your presence, but reveal yourself to me today. Make yourself more real in my life. Fill me with your Spirit that I might live for you, for the sake of the one who sits at your right had, my Lord and Messiah, Jesus Christ, Amen.

~Psalm 83, 85, 86; 1 Samuel 2:27-36; Luke 20:41-21:4