Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, June 24, 2011

Lord God,

I am truly thankful for your goodness and grateful for all the blessings you have given me. It would take forever to tell others about all the wonderful things you have done or how your holiness has changed my life. I look to you for strength and seek your help in all that I do.

I have read of your miracles in your word and heard of the awesome wonders you performed throughout history. They must have been amazing to see. Clearly your power is beyond all compare and your justice is complete. You are Lord of all creation and your law applies to all the earth.

Your promise and commitment stands for a thousand generations. Your word is good and true for all time. Though I often spend my time searching for meaning and significance in the things of this world, you are always faithful in your guidance, provision and care. You protect me from things that I cannot see or perceive, and though I face many trials and troubles in my life, you keep me safe in my salvation which has always d

Lord, I only wish you would make yourself more tangible to me. I only wish you would demonstrate your power and control over all creation. I only wish I could see your face, hear your voice and feel your presence the way others did long ago.

Sometimes I feel like Joseph must have felt when his brothers sold him into slavery. I feel forgotten, alone, and I wonder if you are there. I wonder if you care about my struggles or hear my prayers. I wonder why you don’t answer when I call to you because I need your help desperately.

Then I remember how you saved Joseph and worked in his life. I remember how you gave him the wisdom and courage to speak your truth and the passion to demonstrate your forgiveness and grace though anger would have been justified. I remember how you worked evil for good and I’m comforted.

Even when your people were enslaved by Egypt as I feel enslaved by my sin, you didn’t allow their suffering to go on forever. Instead, you intervened for them and rescued them from certain death and destruction just as you do for me. You demonstrated your power and authority over all creation and I long to see you do that again.

Free your people from their slavery to self, Lord God. Shield us from all that might hurt us and lead us from the darkness by your light. Provide for us all that we need to live for you and give us joy through your promise to save us once and for all.

Help us to trust you and follow wherever you lead. Help us to be humble in our thoughts, words and deeds. Help us to be faithful as we strive to obey your word. Save us Lord, and show us mercy so others might see your glorious work in our lives and turn to follow you.

By your grace and for your glory I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen.
~Psalm 105:1-45; 1 Samuel 8:1-22; Luke 22:24-30; Acts 6:15-7:16