Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lord God,

Help me to listen to your instruction today. Open my ears to what you I am saying, that I might understand the hidden mysteries of your word and know the truth it reveals. Help me to remember the stories of your mighty acts and how you have always cared and provided for your people, that I might find hope and comfort amid my own trials and troubles.

Help me to recall the protection and guidance, provision and care you have given them throughout history, how you divided the sea and lead them to safety from the pursuit of their enemies. Describe how you provided a pillar of fire by night to guide them and water from a rock by day to refresh them. Lord God, help me to remember all you have done for your people in the past just as you are doing for me in the present, that I might not grumble and complain against you.

For, though they had your provision, they rebelled against you and continued in their sin. When you rescued them from their slavery they complained that they were hungry, and when you provided food, they argued they’d eaten better as slaves. Though you saved them Lord, and cared for them too, like bratty children they wanted more, so they grumbled and complained against you.

Help me Lord to live with a thankful heart. Do not hide yourself from me, but open my heart and mind so I can see all the ways you have blessed my life. Help me to know your grace and truth more fully today, so I can apply it to my own life. Write your laws on my heart so I can carry them with me wherever I go and teach them to others that they might know your hope.

Gracious God, help me to keep your covenant and follow your instructions for my life. Do not let me forget the great things you have done for me in the past, as I am prone to do, but help me to remember every provision and blessing, no matter how small. Help me to remember that all good things come from you, and give me a grateful heart that I might believe and trust in your care.

Hold back you rightful anger towards my own stubborn rebellions, and graciously turn me back to you. Turn me back from my pride and grumbling, from my envious and self-righteous heart. Turn me back to where I can see clearly that you are my rock and my redeemer. Turn me back, not just in my words, but in my actions too, that I might live for you.

Give me a loyal heart to keep your covenant. Pour out your grace and mercy upon me by your great patience and faithfulness. Through your chosen servant Jesus, guide me to the safety of your presence, that I might find forgiveness in you.

Though Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.
~Psalm. 78:1-72