Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, June 21, 2011


You are a holy and righteous judge, completely fair in everything you do and generous in your mercy. You condemn no one without reason, but judge everyone according to the evil they sow and the deceit they spread. For you oppose the dishonest. You are resist those who kill. You defy those who use, abuse and oppress others for their own selfish gain, and you detest the evil that they do.

Lord God, for the sake of your people who are abused, broken, exploited and oppressed, display your justice today and rebuke those who are cruel. Help your people, and repay the wicked for all that they have wrongly done. Do not allow those who are greedy to flourish, or those who are hateful to prosper. Correct them that they might recognize their own sin and come to you for forgiveness

Instruct us Lord and give us your knowledge. Correct us when we are wrong and help us to recognize the vanity of our own plans. Bless us and give us your wisdom and joy as we try to live our lives for you, according to what you have taught us. Give us rest in times of trouble and do not reject us in our weakness, but demonstrate your justice and mercy, that we might do right and follow you.

Lord you defend me and protect me from unseen harm and trouble. If you had not been watching over me in the past, I would not have survived, but you cam with your love and kept me steady. When I was overwhelmed with worries and fears, you comforted me and made me feel secure. I am glad that you are my king and I am amazed at your power and glory. You are supreme over all the earth, exalted above all others and worthy of all praise.
Help me to love you Lord an hate evil. Continue to be faithful to me and rescue me from the power of the wicked. Shine your light upon my life that I might be a light to others. Fill my heart with joy and give me everlasting peace.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.
~Psalm 94 and 97