Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday June 28, 2011

Lord God,

I celebrate and praise you because you are good to your people and your love for us never fails. Even if I had one million years to do so, I could not praise you enough for all the blessings you have given to me because they simply are too numerous to count. I’m sorry to say that I often take them for granted.

I often forget that your blessings include the sun, the stars, and the moon in the sky, the rain that falls, and the plants that grow. I forget that the air I breath is a blessing from you, the water that quenches my thirst on a hot day, and the trees that give me shade as well. I forget, Lord God, that every good thing is a blessing from you, a blessing you created for the benefit and comfort of your, and I am sorry that I take them for granted and forget to live in humble gratitude for all that you have done. Today I will be thankful for all that you have done for those who seek you and walk in your ways.

Remember me, LORD, when you show kindness and salvation to your people. Let me prosper with them as they as they proudly celebrate their relationship with you. In the past, we all sinned against you Lord, by taking your blessings for granted as if we deserved everything you have given us. We paid no attention to your marvelous deeds or the wonderful love you have shown us.

Instead, we turned against you, and said in our hearts, “What has God done for me lately? Why should I worship him if he allows me to struggles and suffer? Why should I do what he wants if he refuses to do what I want?” We mistook ourselves as God and allowed you to be replaced as Lord of our lives. We lived as if we created you, not the other way around, and we were wrong, Lord God, we were terribly, terribly wrong.

Yet, you, Lord God, you were faithful and true. You did not allow us to continue in our sin but rescued to prove how mighty you are. You turned us to yourself and you lead us from danger. You saved us all from drowning in our selfishness and sin, and redeemed us from the enemy of all that is good and holy. You turned us back to you so that we could trust you again and sing your praises once more, just as your people have done throughout the ages.

So why is it Lord that we still reject your guidance and ignore what you tell us to do? Why are we so eager for fame and fortune, beauty and power as if those things have fulfilled us in the past? How is it we still fail to see that our lust, greed, envy, pride, selfishness, gossip and deceit, are dragging us down and destroying us? How is it we fail to understand that more often the not, the things we want so badly, are the very things that hurt us most and separate us from you?

Yet do not allow us to neglect your holiness. You do not allow us to grumble and complain. You do not allow us to disobey you, or to be so selfish that you become angry and turn away. You do not leave us in our rebellion and sin, but you rescue us by your truth and grace. Time and time again you save us when we fall down, because of your mercy and love.

Lord God, you deserve all my worship, so I celebrate you because you are good to your people and your love for us never fails.

By your grace and for you glory I pray, Amen
~ Read Psalm 106:1-48