Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, July 15, 2011

Lord God,

Listen to my prayer and don’t let me be disgraced or defeated by my enemies. Keep your promise to me Lord, and rescue me in your righteousness. Be my refuge, my rock and my fortress, so I can find safety and peace in your presence.

Lead me and protect me, so your name will be honored. Guide me from hidden traps so I can be safe. For I know you are faithful, and I trust in your care. You’ve saved me in the past and I trust you will do so again.

That’s why I hate it when I find myself trusting in anything other than you. Whether it’s money, beauty, influence, health, education, government, or what have you, anything other than you is just a worthless idol. They can’t save me any more than I can save myself. So help me Lord, to truly trust in you.

Help me to rejoice and be glad in your unfailing love, for I know you care about my troubles and the anguish they cause my soul. I know you won’t leave me in danger, and I long for the safety of your presence. So, have pity on me Lord, because I am hurting and my body aches with sorrow. I am tired from all the sorrow and stress in my life, and I suffer from constant anxiety and fear. I don’t feel strong enough to carry on Lord, because I am weak, tired and frail.

Sometimes, I feel alone, rejected and despised, like something that’s been thrown in the trash. Yet I know, in my head if not always in my heart, that my life is still in your hands. I trust and I wait for you to save me, and smile upon me in your grace and mercy. I pray that I won’t be disappointed any more, but that soon I will find relief from my constant anxiety in your presence.

For there, I know I will finally see clearly, how kind and compassionate you have been toward me. In your presence, I know that my fears will be gone and my worry will no longer threaten my life. I know, gracious God, that the trials and troubles I’ve had in this life will not compare to the unfailing love I’ll experience when I stand before your Son, who will finally heal all of my brokenness. That will be a great day, and I pray that it will come.

In Jesus’ name, Amen
~ Read Psalm 31; Mark 3:7-19