Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday July 22, 2011

Lord God,

I patiently waited for you, and you heard my prayer. You listened to my cry for help and pulled me from a lonely pit of despair and self-pity. You lifted me from the mud and mire in which I was stuck, and stood me on solid ground. You placed my feet on a rock so I had a firm place to stand. You gave me a new song to sing in my heart, a song of worship and praise so that others will see the great things you have done and honor your holy name.

Lord God, you honor those who trust you. You bless those who do not worship false idols like beauty, wealth, popularity, power, and so forth. You have done many great things for them and you have many wonderful plans for their lives. So great are your blessings that I cannot begin to count them in my life, but I know they are there because I experience them every day.

Sacrifices and offerings are not what please you Lord, gifts and payment for sin are not what you demand, because Jesus already took care of that for us. What you want from me Lord is a heart that is willing to listen and obey. You want me to love you with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind, and to love my neighbors as I love myself.

So here I am Lord, ready to do your will. I long to please you Lord and obey your Law that is writing on my heart. I long to experience true worship without the distractions that seem to take my mind off of you. I need your help and know that you always give it when I ask, even when I don’t feel it Lord, for you are kind, faithful and caring. You have pity on those who struggle and save those who call out to you in their despair. In your love I always feel safe and secure.

But I have more troubles than I can count, Lord God. My sins are all around me, day and night, obscuring my view of you. I have more sin than hair on my head and I am weak. No matter what I do, or how much I pray, I can’t seem to resist their allure. Though I know you have freed me from the power they have over me, I need you to rescue me again and show me that you care.

Come to my aid, Lord, assist me and do not leave me for dead. Save me from disgrace, embarrassment, suffering and shame. I am weak, wounded, poor and needy. Please hurry and help. Let me worship and be glad in your presence, because you are wonderful, and I love you for saving me. I long experience your peace to see you face-to-face.

Though Jesus, my only Redeemer, Savior and Lord, I pray, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 40