Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, July 29, 2011

Save me from my troubles, Lord, save me from harm, for I feel like I’m stuck and sinking in the mud. I’m overwhelmed with stress and dragged under by expectations, so I feel like I’m drowning and I can can’t quite get my feet on solid ground.

I am wait for you Lord, but I am so worn out from crying, my throat is dry and my eyes are blurred. At times if feels like no one understands, no one cares, no one is on my side, no one listens. My troubles are not hidden from you, nor are my sins. I do not pretend to be innocent and pure, yet I wonder why I struggle so. I don’t set out to harm anyone with my words and actions, yet at times I know I do and a part of me wonders if that is why I am so troubled. Is it because I fail to live up to your holiness Lord? Is it because I don’t always do your will? If so, Lord, save me from myself. Rescue me from my on self-destructive habits and behaviors. Free me from anything that is keeping me from experiencing the fullness of your blessings and grace in my life.

For I truly love your church, and I want to see you glorified through it. You know I am willing to accept the disdain that others have for me because of you, but please don’t let me add to it with of my own failure and sin. Answer me and comfort me with your wonderful love. Give me patience as I wait for you and do not let me sink in the mud of my selfishness. Do not let me swept away in the flood of my own sin.

Answer me Lord, I beg you, be kind and merciful to you servant, for I am in troubled and I need your help. Only you can save me from my struggles, so please do not turn away. Do not let me become discouraged by the criticism, doubts and insults of others. Do not let me become embittered by their disloyalty, indifference, and dishonesty. Rather, show them how great and powerful you really are. Expose their sin that they might repent. Protect me Lord, and rescue me that I might praise you with a thankful heart. Keep me safe from all that threatens me, that I might repent of my sins as well.

For I know I don’t always please you or do what is right. I do not always worship you as I should, nor do I give you the best of my time, treasures or talent. I am not always as gracious and loving as you call me to be, and I do not always speak your truth in love. I often put my own priorities before yours, and know I consistently fail to live up to your holiness. Yet I will continue to praise you Lord, because you are good. You heal my brokenness when I fail, and forgive my sin when I stumble and fall.

Forgive me Lord, when I am bitter and jealous of the arrogant when they prosper. Forgive me for stupidly doubting your character and judgment when they seem to benefit from their sin and selfishness. Forgive me when I wish troubles upon them, and question the point of obeying you when they succeed in their pursuits. And forgive me for being so self-righteous and proud as to believe I am any better.

Help me instead, to pray for those who don’t know you and wonder from your will. Help me to seek them out and minister to them. Help me to be humble in recognizing my own faults and failures and I seek to speak your truth in love. Help me to demonstrate your grace in everything I do.

For, your advice has been my guide, and you are all I want. Though my body and mind will fail, your strength and power will sustain me so I can tell of your others of your wonderful deeds.

In Jesus’ name,
~Read Psalm 69:1-38, 73; Mark 7:24-37; Acts 17:1-15