Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, July 8, 2011

Protect me, LORD God!

Protect me, when I run to you for safety. Protect me, for you are my Lord, and every good thing I have comes from you. My family and my friends, my faith and my freedom; apart from you, nothing in this world is good.

But your people, Lord, reflect your goodness in the world. They speak your truth and demonstrate your grace. Protect them from the sorrow and troubles of those who chase after idols and serve other gods. Display your glory in the way you care for your people because you are all we need. You are all we desire, and you make us secure. Lord, you make my life pleasant when it is painful. You bring me joy in my sorrow. You bring light into my life when my future looks dark.

Lord, thank you for guiding me through the darkest of times. Thank you filling my mind with your truth and leading me by my conscience. Because you have been good to me in the past, I will continue to look to you in the future. I know that you will always be with me to protect me and comfort me in my fear.
Though times are tough, and plans never seem to go the way I’d like, I will celebrate with all of my heart, because you chose to save me from my sin and the spiritual death that it brings. You have shown me the way to live through your Son, Jesus Christ, who justifies me through his obedience and death.

He is the reason you listen to my prayers. He is the reason you answer my cries for help. You save me, not because I am good, but because he is good and obeys your truth. He makes me innocent in your eyes.

Search my heart, Lord; examine my life see that I have been justified through his sacrifice. Test me and see that I desire to live my life according to your will. I desire to speak only your truth. I long to demonstrate your kindness and compassion. I admit, I stumble quite often, and fail to obey you the way I should, yet even then, I pray for your help and the protection of your mighty arms.

Show me the wonders of your unfailing love. Demonstrate the power by which you save those who take refuge in you. Protect me as you would your own eyes and hide me in the shadow of your wings, from anything that might harm me or tempt me away from you. Save me from the merciless, boastful and cruel. Remember my innocence in Jesus Christ, and allow me see your face more clearly.

Through your Spirit I pray in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus, Amen
~ Read Psalm 16, 17.