Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, July 11, 2011

Lord God,

I am so thankful for the many gifts you have given me, it makes me happy to think of how blessed I am. It changes my outlook when I consider all the great things you have done in my life, instead of everything that has gone wrong. It’s difficult to have a bad attitude when I dwell on your goodness and grace.

It’s difficult to stress about finances in light of your past provision and care. It’s hard to be worried about my failures realizing your love for me was never based on my success. It’s complete foolishness to fear your wrath in view of how merciful and kind you have always been. It unnecessary to become enraged by injustices in this world, considering everyone must eventually answer to you.

It’s silly to fear those who promote evil as if it were good, knowing they will not stand forever like you, Sovereign Lord. Unlike them, your reign never ends, as you patiently wait to judge the world with infinite justice and mercy. Those who humbly trust you and honor your name have no need to fear, because you faithfully protect them and give them refuge in your presence.

Listen to your people Lord God, and answer their prayers. Protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and comfort those who suffer for your name. Have mercy on me, Gracious God, for I am paralyzed by my own fear of failure. I am tormented by those who think I am a fake and doubt my dedication to you. Give me peace and strength. Show me how to glorify you in my troubles, so that I can rejoice in your protection.

Where wickedness prospers, help me speak your truth. Where oppression occurs, help me to display your justice. Where brokenness and sorrow are prevalent, help me to demonstrate your mercy and grace, so that others might see your glory and come into your presence. Help me to obey you Lord, In everything I do so that I might follow Jesus and stand firm in his ways.

By his grace and for his glory, I pray, Amen
~ See Psalm 9 and Psalm 15.