Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday July 18, 2011


You bless me when I demonstrate your compassion to the needy. You rescue me when I call on you in times of trouble; you provide for me in times of need. Wherever I am, you make me content, protecting me from my enemies and preserving my health and my strength.

When I pray for your mercy, gracious God, mercy is what I receive. Though I am unworthy of your time and undeserving of your care, you listen to my pleas, and answer when I call on your name. For you know how I am mocked and belittled because of your name. You know how others think I’m a fool for believing your word and dedicating my life you what they call a “fairy tale.” Though they don’t say it too my face, I know they gossip about me and lie what I do so that others will think the worst of me and thus doubt you. Even many who I have called friends have turned on me and proved fickle and false, telling me one thing and doing another.

Have mercy on me Lord, and heal all my brokenness. Though my heart desires to pay back all those who have wronged me over the years, take away my desire for revenge so that I will not be defeated by the worst enemy of all; my sin. Help me, Lord and show me that you care. Help me maintain my innocence and always stay close to my side. Help me to see the great things you have done and continue to do in my life, and allow me to understand your word.

Guide me by your powerful arm and help me to do your will. For I know that when you are with me, victory is mine. Your purposes for me cannot be thwarted, nor your glory diminished, because you are my God and my King. You are my refuge, my strength and my salvation, and I will boast in nothing but you.

Lord, please don’t reject me because of my sin. Don’t turn your face away because of my failures and faults. Do not remove your blessing and provision from my life because I am too weak or unwilling to obey your teaching, but make me faithful and true. Make me mindful of your truth so that I cannot forget it or ignore what it calls me to do.

Please do not desert me in my troubles or look away when I suffer, but have mercy on me and rescue me, because I know you are trustworthy and true. I know that I can count on your love, because your love never fails. It never grows weaker, never grows weary, never grows faint, and for that I am grateful. May you, gracious God, be worshipped and praised forever, and ever, and ever, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 41, 44, 52