Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, July 25, 2011

Lord God,

Have mercy on me, for my troubles never seem to stop. My finances are always tight. My relationships are always stressed, my health continues to deteriorate day-by-day as I grow older, and
I’m continually plagued by doubt. My anxieties and fears are go on endlessly, though I admit, at times, I’m not even sure what I’m worried about. It’s relentless Lord; I’m tired, weary and I need your help.

But even when I’m afraid, Lord God, I know I should trust in you. I know you have promised to protect me and I realize that I have nothing to fear. Ultimately, nothing can harm me, yet I worry, not so much about myself, but about my family and my friends. I worry about their safety and wellbeing, and that sets me off once again.

What’s more, I know that those who perpetrate evil and pursue selfish gain will, one day, answer for all they have done, but I confess, it frustrates me Lord, when they seem to get away. Don’t let them off the hook! Expose their wickedness, hate and deceit, and demonstrate your power and sovereignty. Carry out your justice and demonstrate your mercy to your people.

For you know the troubles we face and the tears we shed. You know the pain we experience and the persecution we endure. I admit, my days have not been as difficult as those of others’, but I have seen my share of suffering and long to experience your promises in full.

Protect me and those I love, form the dangers that lurk in the world and those that dwell in our own hearts. Don’t let us be overcome by the wicked pursuits of others, or by our own selfish desires and sin. Help me to trust you Lord, in this, and in every aspect of my life.

Help me Lord, to trust you with my children, and remove my constant concern for their happiness, safety and well being. Forgive my foolish belief that somehow, I can protect them better than you, and remind me once again, that you are a far better parent than I will ever be. Forgive my arrogance and pride, and do with your children what is right, good, and glorifying to you.

For I know, Lord God, that I must trust your protection and your provision, not just for my family, but also for myself as well. Everything I have is a gift from you and everything I ever need you will provide according to your promise. Help me then, to trust in you. Keep me from stumbling and guide my heart that I might please you, and follow your light that leads to life.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen
~ Read Psalm 56