Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, July 4, 2011

Gracious, mighty and wonderful God,
My days are happiest when I am avoiding the sins that lead me from you and doing your will for my life. It helps to always be thinking about your word and considering what you want me to learn from it, for when I do, I feel strong and secure in my faith, like a tree growing on a river bank, with roots deep in the ground, and fruit all year long. That’s what I want my life to be like Lord. That’s how I want to live: with your constant blessing.
Unfortunately, I’m often more like those who ignore your word, doing my own thing as if I know what is best for me. Of course, when my life is not deeply rooted in your word, my faith is easily shaken by any troubles that arise in my day, because I am not dwelling on your promised protection and remembering how you preserve and protect your people.
Why do people ignore you God and live as if you do not exist? How do they miss the glory of your creation and the blessings that you provide? Why don’t they see the foolishness of what they do? Help me Lord, to be a better witness to your name. Help me to do a better job of demonstrating your truth and grace to others. Help me Lord, to tell them of your why you are important and how they can give their lives to you.
While some question my faith, doubt your promises, and think I am foolish to believe your word, I know you are a shield about me. I know you will rescue me from all that endangers me, and give me victory over sin and death. I believe your promises Lord, so I pray you will answer me. Do not be silent when I call out to you, for despite my belief, I admit, my fait is weak and I doubt too. Though I’ve experienced your protection and provision in the past, I wonder if it will come again. I wonder if you will continue to rescue me from troubles of my own making. I know you have blessed me greatly by your grace, but will you always?
Lord, because you are my God and protector, please answer my prayers for help. Give me a sign that you are there and sure up my faith once more. For, I am burdened with worries and fears about life, and only you can set me free. Please have mercy on me Lord, and listen as I pray to you.
I long to see others live for your glory. I long to see them give their lives entirely to you. I wish they would turn away from their pursuits of wealth, notoriety and status. I wish they could see the foolishness of their consumerism. I wish they would stop hiding from the world while pretending to trust you, for they have no reason to fear but the consequences of their own sins. Let your truth shine upon them Lord, just as it has on me, and expose their brokenness just as you have mine.
Do something Lord! Change our hearts! Release us from our self-righteousness and hypocrisy that holds us back. Rescues us from the sins that we just can’t seem to shake so we might experience the fullness of your blessings. Demonstrate your grace, truth, hope and love through us. Use us to carry out your justice with mercy and kindness. Expose our sins so we can be set free from their power. Forgive us and change our hearts, so we can obey you in love.
By your grace and for your glory I pray in Jesus’ name, Amen
~ See Psalm 1, 2, 3, 4, 7