Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lord God,

You give me strength. You are the rock on which I stand. You defend me, protect me, and shield me from danger. You give me shelter when I need a place to hide. I love you Lord, because you rescue me and save me. I praise you because you are worthy of all my praise.

Though I lead a safe and calm life compared to many Lord, it is still full of dangers and risks that cause me to worry about the future. In fact, at times, my heart is so fearful, I can hardly breath, as if someone were standing on my chest, or if they had a rope around me. It makes me feel like I am being strangled, or overwhelmed by flood waters. Either way, it’s too much for me Lord. I cannot do it. It’s too much for me to bear and I need your help.

All the stress troubles my heart, Lord God. It makes me feel weary and weak, so I’m calling to you for help just like you told me to do. I am calling to you Lord, with my fears and requests, and I pray that you will respond. I pray you will listen and answer my cries for help because I have no where else to turn.

At the same time, Lord, I fear your response. Though I do not doubt your goodness and grace, I fear your response because I know that many of my troubles are caused by my own sin, and I know that rightly upsets you. I know you see the selfishness in my heart and I fear the sound of your voice as you speak your truth into my life to reveal al the sin am constantly trying to hide. I know the anger and wrath that my sin deserves and I know your wrath can be more terrible than anything I have experienced on this earth, so I am anxious at your response.

Yet, more than anything Lord—more than my guilt and shame, more than my refusal to let go of my sin, more than my fear of your judgment and justice—I long to experience your mercy and grace; I long to escape the anxiety and fear of this life. I long for you to reach down from heaven and take me into your arms so I can live in your presence in peace.

Rescue me Lord, like you promised in your word. Defend me when I am oppressed or wrongly accused. Free me from the burdens of this broken world, for I know that you saved your people before me, and I know you will save me as well. I know you are good to me Lord, even amid my trials, and I know that you love me more than I love myself.

Save me Lord, though I don’t always do what is right. Rescue me, though I don’ t always turn from my sin. Redeem me, though I don’t always obey your word as I should. Reconcile me to you Lord, not because of what I have done, but because of what Jesus has done for me. Do no treat as my actions deserve, but treat me as one who is guiltless because Christ has made me so.

Rescue me in my humility, turn the darkness of this world into light. Demonstrate your faithfulness, because you are perfect. Give me strength and guide me to do what is right and true. Support me with your mighty hand and be my help. Make me victorious over sin and suffering for your glory. Rescue me from my stubbornness so that I can praise you and honor you with my life.

For the sake of your Son Jesus, in whose name I pray, Amen.
~Read: Psalm 18:1-50.