Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lord God,

I do not envy those do wrong or desire to be like them. Though I confess I am sometimes frustrated when they seem to get away with the evil things they do, it is not out of jealousy or a desire to trade places with them. For I know they will soon wither away like grass without rain.

So I put my trust in you LORD, and live my life according to your will. I try to do what is right because my heart desires to please you and live in peace. I try to follow your leading and depend on your provision, but I admit, it’s sometimes a struggle because I can’t always see what you are doing, where you are leading, or how you are providing for me. I can’t always see your care, and it makes me doubt my decision and wonder why I even try at all.

Be patient with me Lord, and help me to trust you more. Help me to be undaunted by the ways of the wicked, and calm my anger at the injustice they promote, lest my anger to lead me to sin against you. For I know that you are in control and I know your justice will prevail for those who trust in you. You will bless those who demonstrate your mercy, and promote your peace. You will be good to all who are generous and compassionate. Your love will prevail in the lives of those who do what is right, because you care for everyone who obeys you.

Though the wicked will lose their power, you give strength to all who trust in you. You provide for all who do your will and preserve them even through the most difficult times. Though you curse everyone who rebels against you Lord, you bless everyone who accepts your truth and grace. You make their footsteps certain; even when they struggle and stumble, you keep them from falling.

I would rather a godly person with a difficult life, than an evil person with an easy life, because you always care for you people. You never leave them helpless. You protect them, defend them and preserve them in your presence forever and ever.

You write your words of wisdom on their hearts so they might speak your truth and demonstrate your grace to others. You guide their footsteps so that they never stray from you justice and mercy. You give them a bright future as those who are saved by grace through faith in your Son, Jesus Christ, in whose name I pray, Amen

~ Read Psalm 37:1-42