Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday July 21, 2011

Lord God,

You are mighty and you are powerful. You are holy and you are good. You call your people from across the earth. Throughout all generations you bring your people together to worship and praise your great name.

You shine brightly for your people to see, to give them light that they might see you and worship. Because of your great love for us, pursue us and approach like a powerful storm to examine our lives according to your great truth. You call us together to worship you because that is what you deserve, and that is what we agreed to do.

Who can complain about your correction? You are always honest and always true, always just and always fair. Who can argue when you expose our failure to love you and obey, for we do not worship as often as we should, and when we do, we often do, begrudgingly, with the wrong attitude. We worship you and receive your forgiveness while we still harbor bitterness or envy toward another. We come to worship as if we’re doing you a favor by being there, and fail to realize that we’re the ones who benefit when we come together in your presence and give our lives to you.

After all, what do you need from us, Lord God? How can we possibly add to you? Every animal in the forest belongs to you, every bird in the sky and fish in the see. Every wild creature and living thing is yours. You do not grow hungry or weary, you are the God Most High! The only thing you want from us is a thankful heart that is committed to worshiping you as you deserve.

For you rescue us from trouble for that purpose. You save us so we can worship and obey you, because that is how you call us to show our love for you. But when we refuse your correction and reject your commands, you leave us to the consequences of our sin. When we neglect your worship and ignore your offering of forgiveness, we rebuke our arrogance, gossip, and sin.

Save me, Lord! Protect me! Only you have the power to save. Protect me from the evil within my own heart and the wickedness that comes from without. My sin is merciless. It keeps at me day and night trying to draw me away from you. It takes on many forms and fools me, even when I am trying to do right. Like a chameleon, it changes colors and hides itself well, so others can’t see why I struggle, but I know I why. I know my sin is the reason I don’t read your word and pray regularly. I know my sin is the reason I don’t worship with your people as I should. I know my sin is the reason I am judgmental, self-righteous, stubborn and self-sufficient. I know my sin is the reason I don’t rely on you.

I complain about my enemies Lord, about those who seem to profit from their greed or get away with murder, but I know Lord God, that my real enemy lies within my own heart, and I plead for you to rescue me from it’s clutches and defeat it’s power over me. Then I will sing about your strength, and celebrate your love. Be my fortress and my protection in times of trouble, so I can said your praises.

Though your Son, Jesus, who died and rose again, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 50, 59