Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday July, 28, 2011

Hurry, LORD God!

Save me! Turn away my disgrace, embarrassment and shame. Help me and do not let me fail in what you have called me to do. Instead, let everyone see the your power, which is able to accomplish mighty things, even through someone like me. Let your people celebrate the wonderful things have and continue to do in their midst, and let them proclaim to everyone how great you are. For I am poor and needy Lord, but you care enough about me to save me and help me in my time of need.

So I turn to you Lord, for protection. I turn to you for shelter; please don’t let me down. You always do what is right so I pray you will come and rescue me from all the things that threaten to undermine my ministry and upend my life. Remove the things that tempt me to ignore your teachings and disregard your guidance. Help me to steer clear of those who persuade me to do what I know is unhealthy and offensive to you. Save me by your holy word. Write it on my heart and seer it into my conscience so that I cannot forget what you call me to do.

For, I depend on you Lord, and I have trusted you for a very long time. Since I was young, I’ve relied on you for protection and safety, and I will continue to do so now. Though some think the worst of me, as long as I honor you and rely on you, I have nothing to fear. Just don’t reject me Lord. Don’t throw me aside as if I am useless. Come closer to me Lord, and save me, because I need your help.

Though I feel hopeless at times, I will never give up hope. Though I feel weak, I will never stop working for your glory. Though I am tired and discouraged, I will never stop praising you and telling others of the wonderful things you do and the blessings you have given me. Even though I suffer in this life, I know you will restore my life one day. I know you will take my sorrow away and make me new again so I can praise you for all that you have done.

I know this, Lord, because I’ve heard about the great things you do for your people. Since my childhood, I’ve heard about how much you love us and what you were willing to do to save us from our sin, and I marvel at the wonders of your grace. Help me to tell others about it Lord, so that they might worship you as well. Help me to tell them with all of my heart, that you alone have the power to save; salvation comes only from you.

By your grace and for your glory, I pray all this in Jesus’ name,
~ Read Psalm 70 and 71