Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday July 19, 2011

Lord God,

You fill my mind with beauty and cover my thoughts with your holiness, glory, sovereignty, power. Like a poem of words that flow smoothly together, you are the most excellent King and you alone are worthy of my praise.

Above you there is no other, Lord God. No one can compare to your greatness. You are magnificent and kind in all that you do, and your words bring joy to my heart. You are a constant blessing to those who know you, a wonderful ruler whose grace, truth, justice and mercy, always prevail, over evil and sin, at the end of the day

Bring down your enemies Lord, and establish your kingdom here on earth. Reign over us all with authority and fairness; teach us to hate evil and love your justice. Give joy to your chosen people, and reveal the church as your bride, so that others might see its beauty, despite it’s brokenness, and turn to glorify you. For, you are the great King over all the earth. You are God Most High! You are awesome Lord, and your promises bring me great comfort and peace.

Yet, I confess Lord God, that I do not always feel it. Though I know you are wonderful and deserving of my praise, I miss your beauty and majesty. I fail to experience the joy that you provide. Though I know you are hear to defend me Lord, I often ignore what you done in the past, and ask instead, “what have you done for me lately.” Though you continue to protect me, I doubt your care and tremble in terror at the troubles that I face.

Of course I have heard about your power and the beauty of your love. I am familiar with the victories you have given you people in the past, and know about the justice of your ways. But even so, I sometimes doubt you Lord, wonder if you really care. Though I wish I didn’t feel that way, I admit, I am too weak and weary to overcome my own feelings, and I need your help.

Help me Lord, to overcome my doubt. Help me to listen to your word. Give me the assurance I need to believe your word and the wisdom I need to apply it to my life, so that I might shine for you. I want my life to reflect your grace and truth, Lord God, I want it to reflect your goodness and love. I want to demonstrate your mercy and justice in everything I do, so that others might come to know you as well.

Give me courage so I won’t be ashamed of your gospel. Give me endurance so I won’t grow tired amid resistance. Give me the strength to follow you even when it is difficult, and the determination to obey even when it is hard. Help me, Lord God, to demonstrate your grace with boldness, to speak your truth with gentleness, and give your love freely to others, just as you have given in to me.

In the name of your Son Jesus I pray, Amen
~ Read Psalm 45, 47, 48; Mark 4:21-34; Acts 14:1-18