Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My soul finds rest in you, Lord God. Though new troubles arise and old struggles continue, patiently I wait for you to save me and strengthen me. You have always been my refuge in the past, and you will be so in the future, because I feel shaky and weak under the pressure life’s expectations. I feel like others despise me, and doubt my value. I suspect they criticize my work and question my motives. It’s discouraging Lord, and I need you to comfort me.

Only you are dependable. Only you give me peace. Only you can protect me and make me feel secure, for you know the concerns of my heart. You know how weak and helpless I am. I am but a breath compared to you, a passing thought compared to your glory. No one is great except you, Lord God, since all are broken by sin. But you are sovereign and you are kind, and you give blessing according to your will.

Please listen, and answer my prayer, gracious God, because I feel hopeless and far away from you. Lead me into your presence and renew my strength. Keep me safe and let me to bask in your glory forever. Help me to live according to your word, despite the resistance and rejection that I face. Help me to represent you to everyone I meet, in my neighborhood, community and abroad.

Be with our leaders Lord, and keep them safe. Guide their thoughts, words, and deeds so that you are glorified in them. Whether they know you or not gracious God, draw them closer to you and reveal yourself to them, that they might live according to your word as well. Watch over them and watch over us all, by your grace and for your glory.

Through Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen
~ Read Psalm 61 and 62