Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday July 5, 2011

Lord God,

I try not to be prideful, arrogant or self-righteous because I know that I am finite and broken. I try to be satisfied in what you have given me just as I did as a child. Help me to trust in you now and forever. Help me to be faithful Lord, like your servant David who built your temple so your people could worship you as you deserve. Help me to be dedicated to you the way he was when he suffered for you. Help me to celebrate who you are and all you’ve done me, just as he did with his life. Do not reject me, but fulfill your promise to preserve my life so that I can follow your ways, and live in peace with my family, friends and neighbors.

Lord, draw me to yourself, with all your servants, that we might praise you together again. Gather us in your presence that we might lift our hands toward your holy place in prayer, giving things for your provision and singing praises for your creation. Bless us from your throne that we might be a blessing to others, for that is why you created us: to bring you glory.

God, you alone are worthy of our praise. You alone deserve our worship, for you are kind and good to all those who love you. You are greater than all others. You are sovereign and supreme, righteous and just, perfect, unchanging, infinite and eternal. There is no limit to your power, wisdom, holiness ad love, no equal to your grace and truth. You are in control of all and thus we can trust in you.

The miracles, signs and wonders you have shone your people throughout history are beyond my comprehension. You provision and protection are more than I can imagine. You will be remembered throughout all generations, because of who you are and all that you have done. You will be remembered because of your justice and mercy.

Lord, turn us away from the idols of our hearts. Show us what things we hold more important than you. Reveal our arrogance and self-righteousness, our hypocrisy and sin. Expose our selfishness in your light that we might see it for what it is and come back to you.

Help us, Lord; help us to trust you. Don’t let our hearts falter like your servant Saul, when he doubted your protection and provision, but help us to be faithful, obedient and patient. Help us to remember that your promises more than mere words.

Help us to understand that the humiliation you endured at the hands of your people is not just a story. Help us to recognize that the sin they committed was just like our own. Help us to remember that the sacrifice of Jesus, was part of your plan, to redeem us from our sin, and restore us as your people. Though we can never know all that you went through Lord, may we never forget what we know: that because of your great love for us, we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus, who lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died, but was raised again to life for us, that we might life with you through him.

Help us Lord to glorify you, as Philip did with the Ethiopian official. Give us the words we need to tell others about you. Help us to speak your truth and grace into their lives. Show us how we can best demonstrate your love to others. Help us to grow your kingdom through our participation at Mercy Road. Help us to give of our time, talents and treasures for your glory and honor. Help us to invite others to worship with us that they might experience the fellowship of your people. Help us to be your church, to be your body, your hands and feet in this community, until you, Lord Jesus, return in glory. Amen
~ Read Psalm 131, 132, 133, 134, 135; 1 Samuel 13:5-18; Luke 23:13-25; Acts 8:26-40