Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rescue me Lord, from these cruel and violent times. Save me from those who claim to be for you, but refuse to submit their lives to you. Protect me from their harsh words and criticisms that are intended to trick me, trap me, and cause me to trip up. Listen to my prayer, gracious God, and keep me safe.

Do not allow those who oppose you to succeed in doing what they want. Do not allow them to continue in their plans to undermine your truth, but show them your justice and power, so they too might turn to you and call you LORD.

LORD, I know that you defend the homeless, and give justice to the poor. I know that you accept the praise of those who do your will, so I hope you will listen when I pray for your help. I hope you will accept my prayer as an offering to you.

Help me to guard my words whenever I speak. Take away my desire to be self-righteous and selfish. Don’t let me drift toward evil or take part in wicked activities, but encourage other Christians to hold me accountable, so that I might live according to your will. Protect me from the temptations that could trip me up. Show me your mercy, when I feel low and troubled. Be my guide when I feel aimless and lost. Lead me safely to your presence because I am weak and helpless without you. Please answer my prayer and rescue me from the prison of my own sin and failures. Do all this Lord, so other people will notice your wonderful kindness to me and give their lives to you.

Listen to my prayers, LORD God, because you are faithful and honest. Rescue me from my despair, for I am hopeless and numb when I think of all that is weighing down on me in life. My spirit is parched and my soul is thirsty for you. Please hurry, LORD, and answer my prayer. Don't turn away from me or leave me to die outside of your presence.

Each morning let me learn more about your truth and grace because I want to trust you. I want you to guide me into your presences so I can experience your safety and peace. Show me what you want me to do, and lead me by your Spirit on the path of righteousness so that I can be true to your name and my life will be safe. Use your saving power to protect my life from trouble, for I am your servant and I live for your glory. Show me your love that lasts forever and ever in Jesus Christ.

In his name I pray, Amen
~Read Psalm 140-143