Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I feel defeated Lord, you revive me by your word. When my ways are failing, you teach me your decrees so I can follow your ways. When I tell you my troubles you answer my prayers, now help me to understand you better Lord, so that I change the direction of my life.

For, I am regularly filled with sorrow and need the encouragement of your promise. I often feel defeated and weak, and need to be strengthened by the power of your word. Be kind to me Lord and keep me from running away. Teach me your truth because I want to be faithful and follows you ways.

I want to live according Word so I can honor you. I am eager to learn more about you my Lord, because I know you have better plans for my life. Help me obey your will. Show me where I am failing, how I can do better and what I need to change. Direct my words and guide my actions so I can demonstrate my love for you. Give me a desire for obedience over wealth. Take away my foolish longings for popularity, influence, and beauty, so that I can truly live for you.

Help me to be your servant and reassure me of your provision and promise. Protect me by your word, from the sins that threaten to undermine my life. Be true to yourself and save me because of your great love, then I will be able to attest to your truth and rely on your grace forever and ever.

So do not be angry with me Lord, when I fail to live up to your perfect standard. Do not reject me in your anger for my foolishness and sin, for I trust you Lord and know your salvation and acknowledge your help.

I want to follow you and be your disciple. I want to demonstrate your grace and truth to people who don’t know you, to those who are broken and need to be healed. Send me into my community Lord to tell others about your love. Help me to be a missionary in my own neighborhood. Make me a messenger of your gospel that others might know that good news about forgiveness and salvation by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

By his grace and for his glory I pray, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 38, 119:25-48; Mark 2:13-22; Acts 12:18-25