Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday July 20, 2011

Lord God,

Don’t forget your love for me. Don’t forget your promise to save me. Don’t forget the good I have done and the way I have served you. Don’t forget to heal me, protect me and provide for me.

Though many wonder why, I have tried to obey you. Though they don’t understand how great you are, I still find comfort in your law. It frustrates me when people ignore you Lord. It irritates me when they claim to love you but disobey your commands and fail to worship you.

Wherever I go, your word is the theme of my song. I sing about your teachings out loud and in my heart, because they guide me and lead me closer to you. Even at night, I think about you Lord, and I try to follow your will for my life, because you have been a blessing to my life, and given me far more than I need or deserve.

I listen to what you have to say because your word has never steered me wrong. I follow your instructions because they have always kept me from trouble and lead me closer to you. Continue to be kind to me Lord, just as you have promised. Show me your mercy because I have chosen to follow you. Though it hasn’t been easy, I have paid attention to your precepts. Though I’ve been criticized for doing so, I’ve done what you asked me to do, because your expectations are not unjust or burdensome.

Lord, I enjoy worshiping with your people because we support one another and encourage one another as we follow you. We help one another in our times of need and demonstrate your love to all the world.

Lord, thank you for keeping your promise to me. Thank you for your kindness and allowing me to serve. Fill me with your wisdom and good sense. Help me to trust your commands and correct me when I fail to obey. Give me a compassionate heart toward others and teach me your laws so that I might teach them to others. Help me to stand against those who hate me because I love you, and display your truth in me. May I find all my happiness, contentment and joy in nothing but the sacrifice of your Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and rose again, that I might live forever with him,

By his grace and for his glory I pray, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 119:49-72