Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lord God,

You are righteous and you are just. You are holy and you are fair. You are honest, you are faithful, you are compassionate, and you are true. You bring peace and prosperity to those who love you, so please, Lord God, bring peace and prosperity to us.

Guide our leaders and public officials. Help them to be good and just like you. Give them pure motives and godly wisdom to make impartial decisions in everything they do. Give them compassion for the poor and the needy, and help them to respect every citizen they serve from the greatest to the least. Protect them from hard and help them to make decisions that are honest and just for all, according to your holy will. May they be as helpful as rain that refreshes the ground, and may all their decisions be fair for all their constituents.

Be with your people Lord, wherever they might live. Be with them and help them to be a blessing to those around them. Help them to respect their leaders, to abide by the laws of the land, to serve wherever needed, and to work for the peace and prosperity of their communities. Help them to build relationships with their neighbors and to get involved in their schools, that they might make a difference in the lives of lost and the needy in their communities.

Do this, Lord, because ultimately, we all serve you. You are our Savior, Lord, and King. You are the Creator of the universe and Sovereign ruler over all the world. You rescue the homeless, help the poor, pity the helpless, demonstrate mercy to the needy, and protect those who are weak. You care when they hurt and protect them from cruelty and violence because you are faithful and compassionate to all who call upon your name.

Let our cities and communities be filled with your peace and prosperity Lord, and let your people be the first to share and serve for that purpose. Use Mercy Road Fellowship to demonstrate your grace and truth in everything they do, that your kingdom might grow like wild flowers in a meadow, and your glory might shine brightly like the sun. Let us prosper for the good of our community and the praise of your glorious grace through Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray,

Amen, and amen!
~ Read Psalm 72