Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, August 12, 2011

Lord God,

Please listen as I pray to you today. Don’t ignore my troubles. Don’t turn away from me or hide your face from me. Please listen as I pray to you today, and give me an answer, because my life is quickly passing by and my body is slowly wasting away. Though I am still young, I feel very old. Though I try to rest, I always feel tired. My heart is restless, my mind is anxious and have no where to turn.

I see all the suffering in the world Lord, and admit I have little to complain about. All-in-all, I realize things could be much worse and I am deeply grateful they are not. Yet, for some reason Lord, I can’t seem to find peace with my life, so I worry about everything.

I worry that others won’t like me, or will see me as a failure. I worry that they’ll mock me, look down on me, and use my name as a joke. I worry that I won’t be able to pay my bills, feed my family, or provide for them the things they need to thrive and grow. I fear that you won’t bless me Lord, or care for me, because I have not loved you the way I should.

Yet I know, gracious God, that you are my eternal King, and your name will always be praised, because you are merciful and just to those who praise you. You demonstrate compassion and kindness to those who honor you and worship your holy name. You rebuild those who are broken down and answer the prayers of all who call upon your name. You rescue us from peril, and save us from certain death and permanent separation from you.

Help us then, to worship you Lord and honor you with our lives. Make us strong again, so that we might serve you and bring you glory. You are eternal Lord, but we have only a few days to praise you on this earth, so help us to make the best use the time we have. Don’t cut our lives short, but lengthen our days so that we can live for you.

Help us to demonstrate your grace and truth to those who are in need; to show them your compassion and kindness, and demonstrate you mercy and love. Help us to serve our community in practical ways, so that others might see you through the things we do. Be with the civic leaders and civil servants in our community. Help them to make right and fair decisions. Help them to maintain your order and justice, for your glory and the good of your people.

Be with all those who work to educate the children in our community, especially those in our public schools where they are not allowed to mention you. Give them opportunities to demonstrate your justice and mercy to their students. Open up doors for them to speak of your grace and truth to their collegues. Protect them from unjust attacks on their faith, and guide them as they seek to serve you.

Be with each of us as we seek to seek to glorify you. Make us mindful of those who are in need of your love and compassion. Give us opportunities to demonstrate your truth and grace. Lead us to those who need to hear about the forgiveness and salvation that can only come from you. Give us courage Lord. We tend to shy away because we seek not to offend, but give us boldness to speak of you to others. Help us to identify those around us who are hurting and in need, and give us the opportunities to serve them out of our love for you.

Please Lord, don’t let us waste our lives chasing the things of this world, worrying about what others think or how we will make ends meet. Instead, use our lives to glorify you, in whatever way you choose, be it life or death, that we might one day hear you say, “well done good and faithful servant,” and then, finally, be at peace.

In the great and gracious name of your Son Jesus, I pray, Amen

~Read Psalm 102, 107:1-32; 2 Samuel 15:19-37; Acts 21:37-22:16; Mark 10:46-52