Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, August 19, 2011

Lord God,

Save me from the wickedness of this world. Deliver me from the violence, injustice and contempt that we demonstrate toward one another. Rescue me from the evil that lives in my own heart and constantly works to find its way out.

From the anger which causes me to spew harsh words toward others, to the self-righteousness that keeps me from demonstrating the kindness I should. Guard my life, and save me from my sin. Hear my cries for help, Lord God, show me your mercy and grace.

For you are my strength and my shield, my protector in times of trouble. You deal with wickedness by your truth and justice, and you thwart the plans of the evil and corrupt. Do not let them get away with anything Lord. Do not let their plots and plans find success. Overwhelm them with your power and might, that you might be glorified and your people might live in peace.

I cry out to you, Lord, because I know you will understand my requests and complaints. I tell you of my troubles because I know you can save me. When I am overwhelmed with life, I turn to you, because you alone know the way out. You know that dangers that lie ahead, and guide me in the way I should go.

When I look around, Lord, it seems no one truly cares about me. They don’t care whether I’m here or not, except to the extent that they need something from me. Otherwise, I have no place of safety; no place to rest when I am weary or let down my guard when I am tired. Therefore, I need you Lord, to be my refuge, the place where I can rest. I need you to rescue me from my addiction to sin, so I can give thanks to you for your bountiful grace.

O Lord, come quickly. Hear my prayers and my offerings to you. Guard my mouth and stop me from saying hurtful things to others, or incorrect things about you. Keep my heart from arrogant, envious, greedy, and lustful thoughts that lead me away from your will for my life. Fix my eyes on your glory, so that I can walk in your ways and find refuge in your presence.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and listen to my request for mercy. In your faithfulness, answer me. In your righteousness, respond to my requests for help. Though I know my unrighteousness is disgusting to you, demonstrate your compassion and grace, for my soul is crushed by the weight of my sin. It keeps my heart in darkness, and leads my mind to selfish thoughts.

When I think of all the wonderful things, you have done for your servants throughout history, and in my life as well, I have no doubt that you stretch out your hand and save me from this struggle, I just pray you will answer me quickly, before my spirit gets any weaker. Please do not hide your face from me, but show me the way out, and rescue me from ruin.

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God! Let your Spirit lead me on level ground, or you’re the sake of your Son Jesus, in whose name I pray, Amen.
~Read Psalm 140 and 142