Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, August 26, 2011

Though I have had my share of trials and troubles, ultimately, I have no complaints, because the inheritance you have given me is far greater than anything I deserve. It is far more wonderful and beautiful that I ever could have imagined for myself.

And so, I will praise you Lord God, because your teachings guide me. Even in the darkest of troubles, they fill my mind with your wisdom and will. Though I may take my eyes off of you for a moment, you are always before me, always at my side instructing me, so that I am not shaken. You make my heart glad by your presence in my life, so that I might feel secure.

For, I know you will not abandon my soul or leave me to suffer in death. I know you will not leave me separated from you, but will show me the way of life so that I can experience the joy of your presence. You will make the way of salvation known to me, so that I can know the pleasure of living with you forever.

While I look forward to that day with great anticipation and hope Lord God, right now, I pray you will hear my cry for help, and listen to my plea for justice. Look into my heart and test me Lord, see if there is any selfish desire in me, and remove it from within. Do not let any arrogant, lustful or self-righteous thoughts enter my mind, nor any hateful or deceitful words leave my mouth. Keep my hands from and feet from following self-serving desires that lead me away from you.

Answer me when I call on you, Lord God. Incline your ear to me and hear my honest desire for help. Show me your steadfast love, my Savior, and allow me to seek refuge in you. Please do not forsake me, or hold back from saving me, but hear my humble prayers. Listen closely to the words that I use and recognize the deep seeded needs from which they come. Don’t turn a deaf ear to me or pretend like you don’t hear, but show me your holiness and goodness. Give me another reason to sing your praise, though I already have many already. Show me once more, how you save your people and give me one more reason to trust you.

For I feel like a worm, Lord God. I feel like the lowest of low; the biggest failure; the least loveable child. My own sin hampers me from experiencing the fullness of your blessings in my life, and the temptations that others bring in only serve to make matters worse. As a result, I fail to do your will so much, that others think I am a fake, a failure, and a fraud. They think I’m a hypocrite and a counterfeit, a sham and imposter. They don’t see the person I once was and how you have changed me. They only see how messed up I still am, and how far from you holiness I seem to be.

But I believe you will save me Lord. I trust you will redeem me from my own sin and sorrow. For you did not create me in vain, but gave me a purpose, to honor and glorify you, with everything I think, say and do. You have been my God since before I was born and I know that will never change.

So be near me Lord, in my time of trouble. Give me your strength to overcome my struggles. Do not let me be devoured by sin or swallowed up by selfishness, but come quickly and help. Rescue my soul and save me by your great salvation, that I might praise you once more, and glorify you with my life. In the name of your Great Salvation, Jesus Christ, Amen.

~Read Psalm 16, 17, 22