Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, August 1, 2011

Lord God,

I cry out to you for help. I cry out for you to listen. I pray that you hear my voice and answer when I call to you. When my days are filled with trouble, I search for you, and at night, I repeatedly call your name. Money, food, sex, wine, exercise, entertainment and so forth, they bring temporary relief to my mind, but ultimately will not satisfy my the longings of my heart. Only you can bring comfort to my weak and restless soul.

Though I try to sleep, my troubles keep me awake. I think about the past, when my life was less complicated and my heart less burdened, and I wonder how long my despair will last. I feel like you have rejected me God, like your love and kindness has come to an end, and I wonder if you have forgotten your promises to me, or if I simply misunderstood them in the first place.

I wonder if I misunderstood the meaning of mercy and misinterpreted your grace. Surely, you must be angry with me. You must be disciplining me for something I’ve done wrong, because it feels like you are no longer interested in helping me.

Yet I still remember the great things you have done. Iremember the blessings you poured out on your people long ago, and I pray that you will pour out your blessings on us once again. Save us Lord, as you saved your people in the past. Rescue us from all that threatens to bear us down and protect us from harm. Lead us, mighty God, and shepherd your people. Listen to our prayers and shine your light upon us today. Save us by your mighty power.

Make us strong again, Lord, smile upon us and give us strength. Do not let yourself be mocked and denied because of our struggles, but demonstrate your power and sovereignty over all things by blessing our lives, for you did not create us just to be cut down. You did not nurture us just to be destroyed. You created us to display your justice and mercy. You grew us to proclaim your truth and demonstrate your grace. You called us to display your love and glory, so do something Lord! Do anything! Whatever it takes, do something to glorify and honor your name through us.

Restore us Lord, through the strengthen of your Son, who was raised up for us, then we will never turn away from you. Put new life into us, and we will worship you. Powerful and mighty God, make us strong again! Smile on us and we will be saved.

In Jesus’ name we pray,
~ Read Psalm 77, 80Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, August 1, 2011