Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, August 15, 2011

Lord God,

I praise you and give thanks because you are good to me, and your love never fails. If I were to worship you day and night, I could not praise you enough for all the great things you have done. You bless those who obey your commands, who maintain justice, honesty and fairness in everything that they do.

So remember me Lord, when you show your kindness. Do not forget to rescue me from my trials and troubles. Let me prosper with your people. Let me be successful as I serve you, that I might experience the joy your give to those you have chosen for yourselves.

I know, Lord, that I have sinned against you. I know that I have ignored your precepts and disregarded your blessings. I know I have been so focused on the things that have gone wrong in my life, that I have missed much that has gone right, and for that Lord, I am deeply sorry. I am sorry that I often overlook your wonderful love in my life. I am sorry that I fail to acknowledge your provision and care. I am sorry that I miss the way you have protected me in the past and continue to do every moment of my life. I’m sorry I’m so selfish and unfaithful to you,.

Though I run to you for help in times of trouble, as soon as it passes, I often forget what you have done and go about my life as if nothing happened. What’s more, sometimes I ignore your guidance and instruction all together because it is simply too painful or difficult, and I am too lazy to try. And sometimes Lord. Worst of all, sometimes Lord, I am so greedy, or ungrateful for the things you have given me, that I complain about the things you have given me as if I somehow deserve more. At times, Lord God, the depth of my selfishness is so shocking, even to me, that it makes me want to hide in shame and fear of retribution.

Sometimes Lord, when I put other things before you in my life and turn my job, my children, my comfort, happiness, etc., into idols that I worship, I realize how broken I am, and I wonder why you still love me. I wonder why you are still mindful of me when I am rebellious and disobedient. I wonder why you still listen when I grumble and complain. I wonder why you still care for me, when I am so selfish, greedy, ungrateful and seemingly blind to your blessings.

Surely, I must seem like the Israelites who complained after you rescued them from their slavery in Egypt and grumbled at the miraculous provisions that you gave them. Surely, I must sound like a whiny child who is never content with anything they have. Surely Lord, in your eyes, I must be the most vile creature that ever existed, and thus, worthy of nothing more than your anger, and disgust. Surely, Lord, my sins will be my downfall and my selfishness my ruin, if you do not step in to save me.

Lord, do not be angry with me because of my failures. Do not reject me because of my rebellion and sin. Do not treat me like an enemy, but rescue me and save me, that I might live according to your will. Answer my prayers when I am in trouble. Show me mercy and maintain your promises, that I mig celebrate and praise your holy name.

Lord God, you deserve all glory and honor, and you deserve a servant who is faithful to you. Make me your faithful servant, as I go about my life. Give me opportunities to speak your truth and demonstrate your grace into the lives of others, that you might be honored through me today.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I pray, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 106:1-48