Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Monday, August 29, 2011

Lord God,

I will worship you with all my heart and tell others about the ways you have worked in my life. I will rejoice in your great love and celebrate your abundant blessing, because you defeated my enemies. Through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, you overcame my sin, so I am not subjected to condemnation and death, but instead, the recipient of life and salvation, by grace, through faith, in him. Though I am still a sinner, I do not fear your just judgment, because he took it all upon himself.

Gracious Lord, I honor and trust your name because I know you are faithful and true. You have not forgotten me, but in your mercy, you have provided for my needs in ways too numerous to count. You’ve given me family and friends for comfort and companionship, to share in my sorrows and help when the burdens of life are too great for me to bear alone. You’ve given me shelter, food, and clothing, even when times are tight, and I’m not sure how, or if I’m going to have enough to survive. You’ve given me life, love, freedom, joy, contentment, assurance and peace, even though things have been difficult at times and have not always gone the way I’ve planned or wanted. You’ve proven, time and time again, that your grace is sufficient for me, even when it doesn’t seem like it is. For that, Lord God, I am eternally grateful, and offer you my worship and praise.

For your justice, for your love, for your grace and peace, for your mercy, provision, protection and care, for your wisdom, for your guidance, for your compassion and strength, for your righteousness, understanding and hope; for your patience, for your will, for the truth of your word, and the forgiveness I do not deserve, I thank you my Lord, my Savior and God, my precious Redeemer and Friend. If I had a thousand years to offer you all my praise, it would not even begin to repay the debt of love that I owe to you.

Teach me to be humble, Lord God, teach me to be meek. Lead me in your truth and teach me your ways, that I might glorify you with all my heart, soul, strength and mind. And please accept this prayer as an offering to you, by the name of your Son, Jesus, through whom I am saved, I pray, Amen.

~Read Psalm 9, 15, 25