Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, August 4, 2011

I will honor you, my God and my King. I will praise your name forever and ever. Every day I will worship your holy name, because you, Lord God, are wonderful and worthy of all praise. No one can measure your greatness. No one can match your power. No one can sufficiently proclaim the great things you have done, because they are far too numerous, and you are far too amazing for me to understand.

However, I will celebrate your matchless mercy and your mighty power to save. For you Lord, are gracious above all. You are patient, kind, loving and good. You care for everyone. Thank you for providing for all your creation. Thank you, for revealing yourself with us so that everyone can know about your marvelous Kingdom and the mighty things you do.

Your Kingdom, Lord God, is everlasting, and your reign will never end. You keep your word, and you do everything you say you are going to do. You help those who are weak and lift up those who stumble and fall. You care for those who depend on you and provide for those are in need. By your hand, you satisfy the desires of all who live, doing everything with kindness, compassion, grace and love. You remain close to everyone who truly calls on you for help. You hear their prayers and satisfy the desires of their hearts.

LORD, you have blessed your people and have made things go well with them. You have forgiven all their sin and taken away all their guilt. Though our sin angers you, you save us by grace through faith in Christ alone, and lead us back home to you.

Forgive us Lord, and restore us. Do not stay far from us because of our sin, but come close and change us. Reconcile our lives and let us rejoice and be glad. Show us your love and save us, gracious God, so that we can hear your promises and experience your peace. Help us Lord, to be faithful and true to you, and keep us from making the same foolish mistakes that we made in the past. Rescue us so that we might worship you and live in your glory.

Because of you, love and faithfulness will belong to your people; goodness and peace will be theirs. They will live by your truth, Lord God, and your goodness will shine down on them from heaven. You will give them abundant blessings, and they will be loyal to you, demonstrating your justice and mercy, grace and truth to all. May it all be as you promise, gracious God for the sake of your Son, Jesus.

In his name, I pray, Amen.
~ Read Psalm 85, 145