Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, August 11, 2011

I pray in your holy name, and I praise you for all the great things you have done in my life. I celebrate and worship your blessings and miracles, with all of my heart, because you are worthy of all my worship. I trust in your power, and I trust in your strength, because I have heard about all the incredible things you have done, and I know you are still working even to this day.

So I pray, Lord God, in your holy name. I pray that your will reign down on the world. I pray you will demonstrate the wonders of your fairness and mercy to all your chosen people. I pray you will not forget the covenant you made with them, nor the eternal promise you gave to save them from their depths of their sin and sorrow.

Do not let us wander off from your presence, or follow the paths of our own self-righteousness. Do not let us fall into the depths of our self-pity or self-loathing, when others mistreat us because of your name. Protect us Lord, from all external threats, but even more so, from those that arise from within our own hearts For though the world is a wicked place, the sobering truth we see in your word is that the real danger we face comes from inside us.

It comes from the pride, lust and greed that lay there quietly waiting for an opportunity to draw us away from you. It comes from the envy and jealousy we feel towards others who we think have it better than we do. It comes from the selfishness and laziness that keeps us from worshipping you and serving you the way we should, because we are so busying with other things. The real danger we face comes from the sin we’ve held on to and tried to hide from you.

Gracious God, don’t let us fall victim to the lusts of our minds that draw us further away from your definition of love. Don’t let us live life in the greed of this world, that convinces us happiness is found in things that are bigger, better, stronger, faster, newer, cooler, and so forth. Don’t let us suffer with the arrogant delusions that the sins in our own hearts are less repulsive or offensive that the sins of others. And don’t let us believe for one moment that anything inside us has made us more worthy of being with you.

Keep us, Lord, from being crushed by the struggles we face, as if struggles are proof that you don’t really care. Keep us from growing bitter when life seems unfair, as if the suffering we face is worse than the suffering of others. Help us to reject the lies in our hearts that tell us we are worthless, un-savable, or too broken to be loved. Keep us from arrogantly believing we can that we can choose our destiny and control the things that happen around us by walling ourselves off from the world around us.
Crush the self-pity that overwhelms us with sorrow. Stomp out the pride that makes us hide our true struggles and pain from those who care about us. Destroy the greed that finds comfort in the wealth we’ve amassed and the things that we own. Remove the temptations to make our own way and be our own God. Diminish the desire in our hearts to run from your will for our lives.

Instead Lord, if it be your will, let us live every day of our lives with humble gratitude for each new day that comes to pass. Let us trust in you, but not with the typical trust we display, when we say we trust you but then make our own plans, just in case we don’t like what you ask us to do. Let us actually say “I trust you Lord,” and live as if that were the case.

Let us trust you with our children as they grow up and go out into the world, fully believing in your promise to be their God just as you are our own. Let us trust you with our finances, knowing that all our wealth is a blessing from you, that we might give back out of gratitude and worship all that you ask. Let us being slaves to our doubts and fear; let us stop giving lip service to our faith, and start living today, like we really believe in you, trusting that whatever tomorrow brings, you will still be our God, and we will still be your people, just as you promised and assured through your Son Jesus,

In whose name we pray, by his grace and for his glory, Amen.

~ Read Psalm 105:1-45; 2 Samuel 15:1-18; Acts 21:27-36; Mark 10:32-45