Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lord God,

You are my rock and my strength. You are my fortress and deliverer. You are my shield, my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge. You are my God, and I love you. You alone are worthy of my praise, and I call upon you to save me from all that seeks to harm me and lead me away from you.

Loving God, I feel my time slipping away as though death has entangled me, and draws me ever closer to the grave. With each day that passes, I have one less day to live for your glory and accomplish all that you’ve set before me; all that I long to finish before I see you face- to- face. Please hear my voice from your heavenly temple. Hear my calls and respond to my cries for help.

Save me, O Lord. Rescue me from those who challenge me, and long to see me fail. Be my support and show your delight in my service. Though I try to obey your laws and follow your ways, I have turned away from your precepts and taken my eyes off of you. I know I am not blameless nor innocent of all guilt. So deal with me by your righteousness and cleanse me from my all my sin.

God be merciful to me, because you are full of mercy. Purify my heart and rescue me from all that is crooked and leads me away from you. Save your humble servant and light up the darkness in my life. Show me your perfect ways and prove yourself to be true. Equip me with the strength of your Spirit and make my way blameless and secure. Shield me with your great salvation and support me with your gentleness. Hear my cries for help and give me victory over all who accuse me.

May you always be exalted, living God. May you always be worshiped for the great salvation you have given to your people, and the steadfast love you have shown to me. Through your Spirit living in me, Lord, may all my decisions be guided by your wisdom. May all my actions demonstrate your justice. May the words of my mouth always speak your truth and grace, and may the thoughts of my mind and the meditations of my heart always bring you praise.

Thank you Lord, for the covenant you made to forgive my sin through the body and blood of your Son, Jesus Christ. In his glorious name, I pray, Amen.

~Psalm 18:1-20; Ps. 18:21-50; 1 Kings 3:16-28; Acts 27:27-44; Mark 14:12-26