Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lord God,

You are the Rock of my Salvation. You are the King all creation. You hold all the earth in the palms of your hands, from the very deepest, depths of the seas, to the very highest of peaks of the mountains. You are my Creator and Provider, and you are worthy of all my thanksgiving and praise.

Your Kingdom is held up by your honor and justice while fairness flows out from everything you do. Those who oppose you and promote evil , will not stand, for no one can stand against you. Even the mountains melt away in your presence, Lord God, and the oceans cease to roar in your midst. The heavens proclaim your glory and honor, so that no one can brag of their own strength and might.

Though many chase after worthless idols, like money, possessions, beauty and fame, I will bow down and kneel before you, because I know that you are watching over me. I know that you are guiding my life and the lives of all your people, even amid chaos and calamity, like a shepherd protects the flock in his care.

I pray, Lord God, that the world heed your justice. I pray that those who promote evil would listen to your word. I pray, Lord God, that you would soften their hearts so they might know you for who you are and worship you as you deserve. Do not let them turn away from you Lord, but for the sake of your Son Jesus, who died to free your people from their slavery to sin, turn their hearts to you so they can enter your place of rest. Turn their hearts to you, and rescue them, just like you rescued me from a life of violence and desolation. Turn their hearts to you so they too can celebrate and praise, the one and only God of the universe, the Jesus Christ, the one and only Lord and Savior of the World.

In whose name I pray, Amen
~ Read Psalm 95, 97