Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gracious God,

I bring my troubles to you Lord, because you answer me when I call. Save me from the evil and selfishness in this world. From those who spread false rumors and lies, to those who seek unjust gain. Save me from the hatred and prejudice that tears apart communities, and from those who preach who preach it as if it were your word. Save me from those who manipulate, cheat and steal, and from those who are more worried about themselves, than they are your glory. Save me Lord, from myself, for I know the sin that lives within me, and the selfishness that dominates my every thought. I know what punishment I deserve, because I know how wicked my heart can be.

But when I look out over the landscape you have created Lord, I know where my help comes from. Despite my brokenness and failure, you never tire of caring for me, but protect me from all that threatens to overwhelm. Though I often fail to follow your precepts Lord, you guide my footsteps and keep me from falling away from you. You walk next to me and provide shelter from the elements so that I will not be harmed. You keep me save and protect me now and always, wherever I may go.

So I will turn my eyes to you Lord, and look to your throne for guidance and care. Though others may look to worldly leaders, I will look to you alone, because you are my Lord and my God, and I know I need your grace. Have mercy on my Lord, when life seems more than I can bear. Have mercy on me because I am weak and need your strength to uphold me.

Thank you Lord, for being on my side. Thank you for your protection and provision that demonstrates how much you care. Certainly, I would have been swept away in the struggles of life by now had you not been carrying me through the flood of troubles. Clearly I would have been overwhelmed had you not been there to support me and hold me up. But you are the one who sends me help and makes my footsteps firm. You are the one who rescues me and keeps me safe from harm.

Therefore, I will trust in you Lord God, because you make me like a mountain that stands forever. You will not let lead me in the wrong direction nor will you let me fall from your grace. But you will be kind to me forever, so that I can obey you and experience you peace in my life. Thank you Lord, for all that you do.

In Jesus’ name, Amen

~Read Psalm 120, 121, 123, 124, 125