Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lord God,

I worship you for your loyalty and kindness. I praise you for your justice and love. Help me, to lead a blameless life. Help me to be honest and true. I don’t want to offend you Lord. I don’t want to participate in anything evil or cruel. Keep my lips from dishonesty and gossip. Keep my mind from arrogance and pride. Keep my feet from running into evil and my hands from selfish gain. Keep me Lord, and guide me in your ways, so that I might live an honorable life for you.

Do not ignore me. Do not turn your back on me or remain silent while wickedness and sin prevail. Don’t abandon me when the world is so filled with greed, hatred, prejudice and pride, but turn the hearts of those who rebel against you and repay evil for good. Deal with everyone according to your sovereign plan, because you are faithful and good.

Comfort my poor and needy heart. Heal my pain. Give me courage and be my strength, for my body is weak and my soul is weary. Rescue me because of your unfailing love, and do not let me be disgraced. Let the world see your glory and might. Let them see your blessings in my life. For you, Lord God, stand for the needy and comfort all who run to you.

When I do what is fair and right, you care for me. When my life is in danger, you protect me and keep me from hard. Come and save me Lord, because that is what you have promised to do. Show me your love and teach me your laws so that I may understand your ways and live the way you want me to live. For I value your laws more than I value gold. They are more important to me that anything Lord because they show me how much I need your forgiveness and grace.

So keep me from stumbling Lord, as I seek to follow you. Keep my heart from worry, my mind from selfishness and my body from doing anything that leads me away from you. For the sake of your Son Jesus, who died to save me, I pray all these things in his holy name, Amen.

~Read Psalm 101, 109:1-30, 119:121-144