Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lord God,

I cry out to you with all of my heart, and pray you hear my request. I pray that you will listen and answer my pleas so I can be saved and follow your ways. Every day, I wake early and pray for your help, because I have put all my hope in your words and trust in the promises you have made to me.

Hear my voice Lord God, according to your steadfast love; preserve my life according to your justice and mercy. For the world is a wicked and dangerous place. It does not follow your laws or listen to your commands. Every day, it threatens to trip me up and lead me away from you, but I have known your word from the time of my youth, and will continue to walk in your ways.

Have mercy on me, Mighty God, and deliver me from the suffering I endure. Do not forget about me Lord, because I call out for redemption, so I can live in the salvation you promised me. Give me life Lord. Demonstrate your compassion and save me according to your steadfast love.

Though many deny you Lord, and ignore your holy word, I love your truth and seek to live according to your righteousness. Your word brings me joy and your truth gives me comfort and peace. Though troubles bear down on me day and night, I follow your word every step of the way, because it leads me to you and the salvation, you give through your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord God, hear my prayers, and give me understanding through your word. Hear my cries for help and rescue me according to your promise, that I might praise you with my mouth and worship you with my voice. Help me by your mighty hand that I my follow your law and live my life for you.

I know that I have gone astray like a lost sheep. I know that I have not followed your clear commands for my life. I know that I have placed my own comfort and gain above your glory. I know I have not served you, as I should. I know, Merciful God that I deserve nothing from you because of my selfishness and sin, but I know in my heart that your blessing is mine because I respect your word and honor your ways.

Bless me, Lord, despite my sin. Bless me despite my selfishness and pride. Bless me, Lord God, but not as if anything I have done, or anything in me deserves it. Bless me, Lord, because of your mercy. Bless me, because of your steadfast love. Bless me, because I have put all my hope in the your Word, and trust in the promises you have made to me, through your Son, Jesus Christ, who is my hope, my salvation, my blessed Redeemer and friend.

It’s in his name I pray, Amen
~Psalm 119:145-176, 128, 129, 130