Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Help me Lord, to follow your teachings. Give me the strength and endurance to seek you with all of my heart. Keep my heart and mind fixed on your instruction so that I might avoid sin, and worship you with a right attitude.

Do not forsake me Lord, but guard my life according to your holy word. Do not let me wander from your teaching, but help me to stay faithful to you. Help me to store up your word in my heart and commit it to memory. Teach me your laws and write them on my mind. Make them clear to me and give me the wisdom to understand, so that I can teach them to others, because I love your word more than money. I love your word more power or fame, because those things cannot bring me the joy and peace, I truly need, nor can they give me life.

Bless me, O Lord, that I might remain faithful to you. Open my eyes that I might see all the wonderful things you have already done for all your people. Help me to see the many ways you have blessed me already. For I am here but a short time, and I need you to guide my life.

Do not turn your back on me, or leave me here to struggle alone against the ungodliness in the world. Rescue me from the selfishness and save me from my own sin. Keep my heart from becoming boastful, and do not let my mouth be filled with gossip, deceit, cruelty or spite. Rather, fill it instead, with that, which is encouraging to others and glorifying to you. Fill it with your words, Lord God, for, your words are like pure silver and gold. Your words are always beautiful, always true. They can be trusted a thousand times over, so I will listen to what you say, and do as you command.

So please hear my prayers and answer, gracious God. Reveal yourself to me and show me my great salvation, lest my heart be filled with doubt, and I lose my way to you. Remember how I have trusted you and rejoiced in your provision. Therefore, do not let me get so discouraged that I begin to doubt you Lord. Do not let me struggle so much that I cannot see you, hear you, or feel your presence in my life.

For I don’t want to be like the fool who says there is no God. I don’t want to be like the cynic who believes you’re just a myth. I don’t want to live a corrupt, useless life of self-promotion and indulgence. I don’t want to be a person who constantly seeks more money and wealth. I don’t want to be like those who crave notoriety and fame, but I simply want to live a humble life in service to you.

Lord, do not turn away from me, or let me turn away from you. Through the power of your Spirit living in my heart, give me the wisdom of Solomon to know right and wrong, and the faith of Paul, to trust you in life’s storms. However, most of all, Lord God, give me the character, compassion, mercy and grace of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, that I might glorify and honor you in my life, just as he did in his.
I pray all this in his majestic name, Amen
~Read Psalm 119:1-24; Ps. 12, 13, 14; 1 Kings 3:1-15; Mark 14:1-11; Acts 27:9-26