Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, September 2, 2011

Lord God,

I give you my life, my spirit, and everything I have, and I come to you for protection and take refuge in the shadow of your wings. Please Lord, don’t let me be disgraced, but deliver me through your righteousness. Turn toward me Lord, and listen to my cry for help. Intervene on my behalf and save me. Be my rock, my refuge and my fortress strong. Lead me and guide me, so I can take refuge in you.

Lord God, I give you my life, my spirit and everything I have, because you have been faithful and redeemed me from my sins. You have saved me from the worthless idols in my life, and turned my trust away from the comforts of this world, toward yourself.

At times, I am glad to trust you Lord and rejoice in your unfailing love. Because, in it, I know that I won’t be alone, nor fall into the hands of those who hate you. I know you are aware of my soul’s distress and give me a good place to stand. However, now I need more help than ever, because I am distressed and my heart aches with grief.

Lord, there is so much sorrow in life, I feel like I don’t have the strength to keep going sometimes. Because of my own sin, as well as the sin of others, I’m tired of fighting and just want to give up. Yet I trust gracious God, that you won’t leave me to perish, but will shin your unfailing love upon me and save me once more.

Lord God, I give you my life, my spirit and my all, and I place all my time in your hands. Rescue me from my enemies, protect me from my persecutors, and save me from me own sinful heart, by your unfailing love. Don’t let the disgrace of my pride and my contempt destroy me and draw me away from you. But in your abundant goodness, give me refuge in your presence, that I might love you with all of the saints.

Preserve my life. Give me faithfulness, strength and courage as I wait on you. Take up the fight of righteousness, and be my salvation, that I might rejoice in you. Use me, Lord to serve th poor, help the needy and care for the sick.

Rescue me from destruction, and I will thank you in your sanctuary. Do not let the evil prosper or the wicked boast in their selfishness and sin, but show yourself to be just, and bring everlasting peace to the world.

You are great Lord God, and you are worthy of all my praise, which I give to you this day, in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

~Read Psalm 31, 35