Mercy Road Daily Prayer ~ Friday, September 9, 2011

Lord God,

Give me the patience to wait for your answers and the confidence to know you will help. Pull me out of the self-pity and doubt in which I’ve been stuck for so long, and give me a clear path, and firm footing to move ahead with my life. Keep me steady as I follow wherever you lead, give me joy so that others will hear my praise and put their trust in you.

For it is good to trust in you Lord. It is good to know the joy and confidence you bring to my life. I have experienced your many blessings and wonderful works you have done for me. There are far too many to list or even count, but I know that all good things come from you Lord God, and I am truly blessed..

So help me to obey you Lord. Help me to live according to your plans for my life. Give me a thankful heart, a sacrificial spirit and a willing desire to live my life for your glory and honor. Let me take joy in doing your will, and write your instructions on my heart. Place your words on my lips that I might speak them to others. Do not let me keep your promises and good news to myself, be help me Lord to tell everyone I know about the great things you have done, and the wonderful salvation you provide for all those who trust in you.

Let your unfailing love be the theme of my song when I rise and when I sleep, when I work and when I play. Though life if full of pain and trouble, and my sins are so great at times, I wonder why you care, protect me from the doubt that seeps into my soul and tries to take root. Give me the courage that I once had, to stand up, and boldly proclaim your name. Rescue me from the things that will destroy me and lead to my disgrace. Come quickly, Lord, to my aid, and be my great salvation, forever and ever.

Come with great power, Lord. Come in your might. Listen to my prayer and hear my pleas for help. For you are my helper in my times of need, my protector in times of danger. You have promised that I will, one-day taste victory through your Son, Jesus Christ, so, please, Lord God, preserve me, until your promise is fulfilled. Help me to stand in my troubles with confidence and dignity.

Have mercy on me, in my brokenness, because of your compassion and unfailing love. Blot out the stain of my sin and wash away all my guilt and shame. Despite my rebellion and selfishness, Lord, make me pure in your sight, Though I have done evil and proved how messed up I am, do not banish me from your presence. Do not take your Spirit away from me, but heal me and make me whole again. Renew my spirit and give me a clean heart. Restore me with the joy of your salvation and make me willing and able to obey you again. Forgive my sin through the sacrifice of your Son, and open my mouth so it can be filled with praise.

Do not reject my broken and repentant heart, but hear my prayer, for the sake of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through whom I pray, Amen.
~Read Psalm 40, 51, 54